Happy almost Valentine’s Day boys and girls. Tonight’s show was pure passion. Thank you to Barry Barnes of Lockerreport.com for coming on joining the rant over the coverage of Whitney Houston and talking about the world of sports as it is today. Also a special thanks to Mike Wallace of ESPN for a great segment on the NBA.

We made the decision that the Marlins will always be known as the Florida Marlins. The same franchise that unretired a number for a second year player. A disgusting decision by the two individuals that run the club forever to be known as Big and Little Enos.

We paid a tribute to former Dolphin and 49er Freddie Solomon who died of cancer today at 59. A great guy on and off the field.

The show, as it often does, ran the table of sports and entertainment talk as only SILVERMAN : On Sports does.  This is a download for the ages. Enjoy!