We are thrilled to move into our new studios, affectionately known as the Caddyshack. Inside, we will continue to deliver the best sports talk in the world.

Saturday’s SEC Championship was an instant classic. Georgia came up a few yards short as Alabama heads to Miami to take on Notre Dame for the title of best college team of 2012. Thanks to my amazing callers for discussing the great game inside the Georgia Dome.

Jeff Speegle of ABC 33/40 in Birmingham joined me for the second time in as many weeks. Jeff is getting ready to head down to Sun Life to see if Nick Saban can make it two in a row.

This has been a rough year for the Kansas City Chiefs and this past weekend was truly a tragedy. A murder-suicide at Arrowhead Stadium was the latest in a very long season. Thanks to Michael Coleman of CBS in KC for coming on and giving us the latest in this ongoing story.

Finally, a fan favorite, Rontina McCann put her spin on the college football season.

We really do have a pool and a pond, pond would be good for you, natural spring!