What an amazing night for our show and now our website! The all new www.silvermanonsports.com launched to rave reviews and record-setting viewing just as we stormed the airwaves tonight. Special thanks to Brian Windhorst of ESPN (@WindhorstESPN) for joining me to break down what happened in the NBA Lockout and what is going to happen now that the league is ready to start their season on Christmas Day. We went all the way to Montana to bring you Evan Weborg to discuss how a playoff system in college football can work, NAIA style. And a very special thanks to MLB Agent David Sloane bringing amazing analysis and insight to the Hot Stove world of Baseball.

I also want to thank David Bergman, our SILVERMAN: On Sports Photography Correspondent for giving us the exclusive on Jon Bon Jovi’s health from inside Jon’s house. Glad that the Jersey rocker is Wanted: ALIVE! For a great blast from the past connecting David, Bon Jovi and me, click on this You Tube Video!

So proud to launch my new website, follow me on Twitter: @SilvermanShow and get ready for the change in sports journalism I am bringing to you!

They Report, I DECIDE!