Let’s make this short and sweet, shall we.

The LSU-Texas A&M was a marathon, a legendary game for the ages. After seven overtimes, the Aggies prevailed 74-72. Yes, that was a football score, not a basketball score. Thanks to Robert Cessna of “The Eagle” in College Station, TX and Brian Holland of WLVA in Baton Rouge, LA for bringing great perspective to a great game.

John Eisenberg wrote “The League” about the origins of the National Football League. What a source of information and stories, John was an amazing guest and one we will definitely have on again.

Richard and I were discussing our favorite bowl games and I suggested if I was the marketing director for Ty-D-Bol, I would absolutely have the brand join the college football ranks. As it turned out, there is a relationship between toilet cleaner and Caddyshack! Dan Resin was one of four actors to portray the Ty-D-Bol man and more importantly, he was Dr. Beeper in the golf classic! You are welcome!