So very thankful for your support so I present to you SILVERMAN: On Sports before Thanksgiving!

Great thanks to my guests tonight. Andrew Vigliotti of came on to talk about what I call the MLB Silly Season, others call it the off season. We discussed the big contracts being awarded through baseball and what we see happening with the Yankees and Alex Rodriguez. In a S:OS first, I tweeted out during the show something a guest said. Credit goes to Andrew for a great comment he made when discussing the NFL’s decision to move the Jets-Bills game to Detroit. Entrance to the game was free and Andrew noted the NFL should have charged a few dollars for the game and donating it charity. It was a great idea and certainly a great opportunity to give back.

Barry Barnes of joined me to discuss the NFL. We talked about the amazing touchdown catch by Odell Beckham Jr. We know you can “bend it like Beckam” but can you “catch it like Beckham.” Wow, what a catch. Barry discuss a variety of NFL issues, games and a lot more including a preview of the Ravens-Saints game.

As a listener of the show, you know I am not a big fan of the Florida Gators but I felt I owed the listeners to give great insight to the events unfolding in Gainesville. Kyle Logan of ESPN 850 was awesome outlining the downfall of Will Muschamp. We also talked a little Gator round ball .

We finished the show going to Birmingham with Jeff Speegle of the ABC affiliate there. Jeff is a great friend of the show and was amazing about breaking down the upcoming Iron Bowl game in Tuscaloosa this weekend. We talked about the SEC, potential SEC Championship Game match-ups, FSU and more.

So say your thanks for SILVERMAN: On Sports and enjoy the show!