What a pleasure it is to have Richard Schwartz on board with SILVERMAN: On Sports now. Not only is he a great co-host but he is doing an amazing job producing as well.

Great conversations before and after our guests tonight as well.

Our guests were entertaining and informative. Paul Stewart playing hockey for years. Not only did he play it on ice but he played it on the big screen in the classic sports film Slap Shot. After his playing career he became an NHL referee. Stewart was not only an enforcer on the ice but before he started his career, he was quite accomplished in the classroom. Educated at University of Pennsylvania, he is one very interesting gentleman. We look forward to having him back on the show soon.

Given the events in Paris over the weekend, safety at sporting events is a major concern. Dr. Lou Marcinani is the Director of the National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security at The University of Southern Mississippi. We planned on having him as a guest prior to the attacks and because of the tragedy, our conversation with Dr. Marcinani was even timely.