Tonight’s show proved that I am not one-dimensional! I can talk about sports and a bunch of other stuff.

I lead off the show with Kenny Anderson. Kenny played fourteen years in the NBA after a stellar career at Georgia Tech. Kenny was very candid tonight about his life, his career and teased that he is writing a book about it all.

With the Jets playing Monday Night Football in Atlanta against the Falcons and the New York Football Giants at 0-5, it was time to bring Mark Fontes of into the mix. Mark had great insight into the drama in the land of the J…E…T…S and the folly of the Giants.

After starting their season 0-5 a year ago, is there a better story in the NFL than the Kansas City Chiefs at 5-0? Perhaps an argument can be made for Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos but I don’t think so. When I want to talk about all things Kansas City, I bring in the heavy lumber and that bat is Michael Coleman of KCTV-5 CBS.

After all that sports, it was time for SILVERMAN: On Sports & A Bunch of Other Stuff. Mark Goodman was one of the five original VJs at MTv. The 1980s was iconic for many reasons and one of the major ones was MTv. They changed not only music but our culture and it was a pleasure to bring Mark into the Caddyshack for a candid one-on-one.