That one word sums up tonight’s show.

I always love when David Bergman is on the show. It had been far too long since his last appearance and that was because he has been jetting around the world with Bon Jovi traveling on a steal horse taking them to six continents. David waxed poetic about his experiences with the band on tour and also some great private moments with Jon at Notre Dame. We did manage to get some sports in there, after all, SILVERMAN: On Sports is a sports show. Great interview as always with David.

Next in the Caddyshack was FOX Sports’ Heat Host Jason Jackson. Jackson is the Heat insider and we had a great conversation about the upcoming season. We broke down the keys to success and discussed the “decision.” No not the one that brought LeBron James to the Heat, but the one that he will make after the season on whether he stays or goes after this season.

Cyd Zeigler runs a website called and always a great guest. Today was a busy day for There were quite a number of stories involving homosexuality in sports and it was perfect timing to have him on. Always a pleasure to have Cyd as a guest.

I wrapped up the show with Bruce Udolf, my legal analyst. I first had Bruce on during the height of the Jerry Sandusky/Penn State tragedy. There was a settlement today and it was the right time to bring our discussion on the matter full circle. We also discussed the increasingly bizarre Aaron Hernandez situation. We also reminisced about the Georgia-Florida game and the late, great Larry Munson.

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