Fun show folks!

The lead-off hitter was Michael Coleman of KCTV-CBS 5 in Kansas City. With the Royals in the World Series, Michael was the perfect guest. The Giants are up 3-2 and the series is on its way back to Kansas City for Game 6 and a possible seventh. Coleman did an awesome job of bring the mood of not just the team but the entire city of KC to you!

Barry Barnes of came on and give us a mid-season assessment of the NFL. Barry covers the Washington Redskins and Baltimore Ravens and was awesome discussing the good, bad and ugly from the league as it has reached the halfway point.

With the New York Jets falling to 1-7 on the year, I wanted to bring in Mark Fontes of WMBC to discuss the troubles in the Big Apple. Mark was great about breaking down the Jets trials and tribulations as well as the issues facing the Yankees and Mets next season.

The clean-up hitter was the skipper of the Fort Lauderdale Strikers Gunter Kronsteiner. Gunter has done a masterful job of coaching the 2014 Strikers and he was the perfect guest to have on right before the final regular season of the NASL year. Gunter is a brilliant soccer mind and in my opinion the NASL Coach of the Year.