What a great day. First,  I guest on Jon Leiberman‘s Live at 5 on SiriusXM’s Howard 101 to discuss the controversy surrounding the Washington Redskins name then I have the privilege of hosting SILVERMAN: On Sports!

First up, I continue my use of the wayback machine and bring Nina Blackwood of MTV fame into the Caddyshack. She was awesome with her memories of MTV and the state of music today.

Next up, David Rosenfelt. David is one of my favorite authors and a huge sports fan. Great to discuss his books, his characters, his love of the Giants and Mets and the state of sports today. We also shared memories of our own “glorious” sports careers.

One of the brightest and most beautiful sports reporters is Rontina McCann. She can talk sports with the best of them and we discuss college football, baseball and the ongoing situation at Grambling State University. Sean Fazende of FOX 8 in New Orleans join us on the Grambling discussion at the end of the show.

So if you love sports, pop culture, MTV and me, enjoy the show!