Happy New Year boys and girls! What a fantastic way to start 2012! Two of my favorite guests joined me.

David Bergman, one of the world’s best photographers, was once again fantastic talking about football and of course, Bon Jovi. David is their tour photographer and he was with Jon when the Death Hoax went viral two weeks ago. His recap of the events and his role in defusing the situation was another great event in his career.

The callers tonight were fantastic and thanks to all the listeners and callers I have on SILVERMAN: On Sports. Y’all are both knowledgeable and loyal. Thank you for coming back for another year!

Great thanks to George Richards of the Miami Herald for talking NHL! Most shows will not talk about hockey but I will not shy away from any topic and hockey is enjoying a great year, just as the Florida Panthers are. So enjoy the Return of the Rat!

This show is now 2.5 years old and only getting better because of all of you! Enjoy the download and don’t forget to subscribe to SILVERMAN: On Sports while you are here, LIKE the Show on Facebook and follow on Twitter: @SilvermanShow!

Again, a happy and healthy new year to everyone!